Worktops made of quartz – a short description

fine quartz worktopWorktops made out of quartz are certainly a very good alternative to products made out of granite. In simple terms, they possess many advantages other materials do not have. The quartz will provide overall more character to the interior. See for yourself what really sets them apart and makes their popularity grow.

First of all, quartz worktops persist regarding to strength and hardness of granite, though they are highly resistant to scratches and cracks. Besides, the surface is perfectly smooth and has no crevices where dirt, bacteria or fungi could accumulate. So these worktops are more hygienic and safe for the occupants. Furthermore you can safely cut the meat or any other types of food on them, do not worry about them being damaged. Moreover, quartz worktops are resistant to abrasion and chemicals, so you can wash them with literally any cleaning agents. There is no harm from the acids either, so accidental spills of lemon juice or vinegar will not harm them.

The described kitchen worktops do not lose their shine, and their colour does not fade, so they will provide a great pleasure for the eye. Their big advantage is resistance to high temperatures, which makes it possible to directly put the hot dishes on the worktops. The unquestionable advantage is their low price and non-flammability. All these qualities and attributes make the quartz ideal for kitchen worktops.

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