Types of kitchen worktops

granite and quartz worktopsKitchen worktops are an essential element of the standard equipment. Thanks to them, we can easily and quickly prepare meals. In addition they are a perfect place where we can place small household appliances, allowing us to prepare meals and to enable their heating.

When intending to buy kitchen worktops, you will face the need to choose the material they will be made from. One of them is of course wood, this includes kinds such as beech, alder, oak or mahogany. Wooden worktops will decorate the kitchens perfectly, providing them a hint of a rustic style. They are very durable, resistant to mechanical damage and moisture, but cannot deal well with high temperatures. Another material which can also be used is laminate. This material is the most popular, certainly not expensive and occurs in a variety of colours. Unfortunately, the particle board which covers the surface of the laminate is not very water-resistant and can easily be scratched.

It is worth noting that the kitchen worktops are also produced from concrete, consisting of a mixture of cement, gravel, sand and water. Such products are reinforced, tinted and quite heavy. In addition, their prices are quite low, and the resistance is only satisfactory. We can also find kitchen worktops made out of ceramic, which are not different than the chipboard covered with tiles. Apart from these, you can buy a very durable and elegant granite, marble and travertine worktops. Moreover, among the available products other products are also for sale, some of them include composition and conglomerate worktops.

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