Stairs ideas

Marble staircase with a steel handrailHome designing can take a lot of time, and involves many different aspects. Starting from the beginning of the construction, through administrative and legal formalities and obligations, and the final finish of the given project. The very important, frequently forgotten issue, often to last, is the appropriate and correct preparation of the stairs. Raw concrete stairs not only can disfigure the house, but are also completely impractical. The best raw materials available in the market that allows the stairs to be beautifully finished off, are the natural stones, such as granite or marble. Granite stairs have an advantage over the stairs made from tiles, acrylics or wood, as they are much more durable, and significantly more resistant to impacts. Ceramic tiles are not permanent, and in a busy area such as this it is not at all difficult to drop a heavy object, which in the end will certainly crack the tiles.

When planning an arrangement of the stairs, we mostly consider their aesthetics and price. We certainly reflect and pay attention less, on the durability of the stairs, which is usually a big mistake. Granite stairs might not be the cheapest choice, but certainly in the long term – a worthy expenditure. Granite is a material with an extraordinary durability. This natural stone is highly popular, mainly because of its properties and fantastic attributes – resistance to mechanical or ordinary damage. With proper care of granite and marble (this is not a time-consuming or difficult job and certainly not a job requiring expensive products), we can be sure that our stone staircase will pleasure the eyes of the householders for many years.

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