Beauty of natural stone in interior designs

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interior designThe beauty of natural stone in interior designs have been appreciated even since ancient times. Ancient temples and houses of the wealthy locals were lined with slabs of marble and decorated with stone statues.

Regardless, marble is quite a soft stone – not resistant to scratches and impacts, so over time the most beautiful floors and walls of marble are either damaged or simply destroyed. Nowadays, granite or quartz materials are used in various houses and apartments. Granite is also a natural resource, but much more durable and resistant to damage.

A common place where you can notice granite worktops is a kitchen. Perhaps because of the exceptional durability of the mineral, its resistance to extreme temperature changes, or sharp objects (e.g. knives).

The worktops are almost indestructible and with proper care, they retain excellent gloss and appearance. Thanks to these properties, granite has gained a reputation as the most popular material for kitchen worktops.

Of course, granite slabs can be used not only for countertops in the kitchen.

The use of this material is also very popular in bathrooms, table tops, wall panels, fireplaces and even stairs and facades of buildings. Harsh weather conditions and sunlight have no effect on granite, as well as their intensive use (like the stairs in public buildings). Kitchen worktops guarantee the highest quality and perfect appearance not only in the kitchen, but in every place where we decide to use the natural stone. If you plan on investing in a product that will last for years, natural stones or manmade quartz’s will certainly be the best idea.

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