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Nice warm colour for kitchen space

Recent trends in the kitchen designing branch, successfully manage to constantly impress the contemporary designers. However, even today the biggest skill is to wisely and impressively match colours in order to create a pleasant atmosphere within the interior. Therefore an appropriate arrangement of the kitchen, may allow us to prepare meals and eat them together in a very positive mood and atmosphere.

According to the specialists and recent studies, colours certainly impact our feelings and the way we perceive some situations. They highly reflect our behaviour and stimulate our thinking. For example the phrase ‘red and green should never be seen’ is wrong. As Christmas for example proves it wrong, every year we are overwhelmed by red and green colours, and they both associate with warmth and cosiness. In fact the phrase could be changed to ‘blue and green should never be seen’, these colours strictly counter each other, emphasizing that we don’t feel fully comfortable when surrounded by the two colours. They are neither a contrast nor a match, and expert designers should avoid such combinations.   We don’t often realize that colours have a great impact also upon our health, mood, sleep and energy during the day. The skilfully selected colours for a kitchens are also a perfect recipe for the appetite of both petite and bigger members of the household.

Keep some heat

Currently, the fashionable colours used by designers of the kitchen interiors are – the shades of red, yellow and orange. It is certainly interesting that they positively stimulate our appetite and facilitate our digestive system, because such colours are especially recommended for people with lesser appetite and admirers of heat. When choosing the colour of kitchen cabinets doors, you should always remember not to overdo it with the brightness and variety of colours, some may become too burdensome for our everyday vision.

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