Granite worktops and quartz worktops – the pros and cons of each product

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countertopsWhen choosing a kitchen countertop made ​​of granite or quartz, we must realize that both of these products significantly differ from each other, and certainly have different advantages and disadvantages. We have to pay attention to these aspects, in order to eventually select products that meet all of our expectations.

One of the things that should be mentioned is the fact that granite countertops are characterized by an extremely high resistance to scratches and high temperatures. They are very hard and acidic substances they do not have harmful effects. Besides, there are granite countertops in a variety of colours. Successfully maintain a beautiful appearance for many years, but nevertheless it may be the renovation, so we get rid of scratches, formed on them during use. Their two primary disadvantages are: the high price and fragility

As for quartz countertops are among the many advantages they should mention: the lower price and less weight, so it can be mounted on a straight, non -reinforced cabinets. Moreover, quality quartz countertops are seamless merger, are very easy to install, and maintain them clean no problem. They are durable and have a porous structure, and therefore the probability of breakage is minimal. Emphasize, however, it is fitting that the damage by high temperature, solar radiation and strong detergents such as acetone or chlorine.

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