Granite care

granite care

granite careAppropriate care of granite walls, worktops and floors allows them to keep a perfect look and functionality for many upcoming years. Theoretically, granite and marble are currently the most durable materials on the construction and interior design market, which does not mean that you shouldn’t keep care of them, the opposite in fact, as the more they are treated well, the better they will look and their beauty will remain for much longer.

When purchasing the kitchen worktops, you should first of all make sure they are impregnated. This creates a resistance and protection to stains on the surface of granite as well as any distortion that may occur in the process of water absorption by the stone material.

When considering the impregnation of granite worktops, we recognise two kinds of detergents – for cleaning and conserving. The preservatives are reinforcing the natural protection of the stone as well as make them further resistant to damage of its overall structure. Cleaning agents however, only affect the surface of the kitchen worktops, rather than the overall product. Be sure to use both of these measures, and your stone worktops will retain the perfect look for many years.

When cleaning the stone worktops, it is not recommended to use water devices under enormous pressure, as it may cause tiny scratches on the surface of the granite. Washing the worktops with devices using steam is also not recommended, because exposing the granite to high temperatures may deprive it of its natural shine. Granite worktops London also don’t work well with soap – especially during the regular washing with grey soap, the granite can become rough. For everyday care it is recommended to use hot water along with the special agents for the everyday care and maintenance of granite.

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