Creating the perfect interior – furnishing a kitchen from scratch

planning perfect kitchen

A kitchen is a special place to everyone. It was the kitchen that had all the cookies we would steal in our youth, improving our humour. The kitchen is where most serious family discussions are touched, and where our morning cup of tea is poured. This place is usually synonymous with a family home, always associating with a nice place to relax.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is usually one of the first things on our mind in the morning, once again associating with the kitchen. This is why, for many people it is important to build your kitchen space accordingly to your dreams and visions. Kitchen space is the soul of homes, thus it must be designed as a coherent whole.

planning perfect kitchen

When planning a renovation of an apartment or when building a house, there is always a dilemma created whether to sign a contract with a professional, or hire an interior designer, or perhaps rely on own inspirations. However, please note that designing a kitchen is usually a very complicated task, therefore it should be left to a specialist of professional advice. A professional interior designer is aware of the fact that during the designing process of the kitchen you need to think about many things at once, and at the same time, plan three steps ahead.

Cooperation with a designer has a lot of advantages. It helps to avoid many mistakes when arranging a kitchen, an example could be worktops that are too low. Interior designing, especially of a kitchen is not the easiest of tasks, so it is always better to give it into the hands of a skilled person. When designing a kitchen, it is perfect to start with the selection of equipment, which will be found in the kitchen in future. The later stages is the planning process together with a specialist. A hob, refrigerator, sink, worktops are the most necessary utensils that you need to choose when starting off with the kitchen priorities. In the meantime, a lot of different dilemmas might appear, for example, whether the kitchen will be open or closed (meaning joined with the living room, or an independent interior). You should be open minded regarding the floor, mainly because not every type of kitchen flooring will match the decor. And remember that in a closed kitchen, not every modern aspect will be able to be implemented.